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God’s desire is for us to enjoy sex to its fullest within the parameters of wisdom. The Scriptural prohibitions regarding sexual sins are not given by God to keep us from having sex. Every warning from God concerning sex is to keep us from destruction. God's motive is LOVE! Good, fulfilling, and satisfying sex is a very important issue in a relationship. When couples get together, sex is one of the major bonuses that each person looks forward to enjoying together. But sex is also an area in relationships and marriage that can cause confusion, misunderstanding, and frustration for couples who don't realize its importance from a spiritual perspective.

A vast majority of Americans have been raised to believe that sex is dirty, sinful, evil and immoral. We carry the heavy weight of sexual guilt and shame that blocks our ability to experience sexual freedom and enjoyment. To find sexual fulfillment in our unions, we must first understand God's design for sex. We were created by God as sexual beings. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made according to the Creator. The book, Song of Solomon or Song of Songs of the Holy Bible is one of the most neglected books of the Bible. Spiritual leaders rarely ever make mention of this divine word that is written about love, desire, passion and sex. Sex? Yes, SEX! God wants us to be happy, prosperous, and abundant even in our sex life. Why else do we holler out “Oh My God!” when experiencing the ultimate orgasm? Honor your pleasure as a Divine gift.

Now, let the people say AMEN & AWOMEN!
Enjoy Love, Passion, and Romance
The Song of Solomon
Seduction is one of the Arts in tempting your partner into a romantic and sensual liaison. Choosing and creating your atmosphere is another first and very important Art.
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