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Aromatic Massage Oils
Love is in your hands with these silky smooth custom oils
Sensual Massage is not only a stress reliever but an endearing and sensual response to mental foreplay. There are many pleasurable sensations that arouse the senses when being touched. Slowly being touched, lightly stroked from head to toe can awaken the imagination with enjoyable thoughts. When treating your partner to a sensual massage don’t expect sex to be the end all result. Enjoy your lovers touch and enjoy touching your lover knowing that this is a gift of relaxation filled with no expectations. But, then again it can be the start of something erotic and wonderful. A warm aromatic bath should be the first step to a relaxing massage. This prepares and soothes the mind and body for an intimate touching experience.

A carefully arranged and nurturing atmosphere is essential to achieving the greatest possible pleasure. Plan on at least one hour (at a very minimum) of completely undisturbed and uninterrupted time. Soothing music and candlelight will greatly enhance the atmosphere. Turning off the telephone is absolutely essential! Do not spare the oil, lavish it! Use only specially formulated massage oils. Kama Sutra Massage oils are the best you can purchase them at Honey Luv.  A wide range of scents are available, of which the most pleasing should be selected. Be sure to arrange a number of bath towels under your lover so you won’t oil the bed sheets. But then again let it go.

Always keep in mind that you can never apply too much oil.
Kama Sutra Oils

These enchanting formulas have been infused with pure essential oils, artfully blended for an enticing fragrance and a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit. Fortified with skin-nourishing Vitamin E, each non-greasy oil has been highly sought after by massage professionals world wide. Note: For external use only
Seduction is one of the Arts in tempting your partner into a romantic and sensual liaison. Choosing and creating your atmosphere is another first and very important Art.
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